Toddler T-Shirt - More Cookie - White


When this little model was a baby we gave her a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. She then climbed on the sofa, got in our faces, and uttered the first complete sentence we'd heard from her, "More Cookie". Clear, concise, and an excellent philosophy for her time of life. It's true that when you're big, a cookie will no longer solve all your problems, but, until then ...

Black glitter printed on a white tee.

This t-shirt is special order, so please double check your size. Measure a t-shirt you own and compare it to the measurements in the chart below.

normal fit
Youth 2T 15.98 in 10.98 in 4.02 in
Youth 4T 17.48 in 11.97 in 4.49 in


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