Kid's T-Shirt - My Favorite Color - Pink


They say that your basic needs on earth are food, water, clothing, and shelter. Well, they forgot glitter (and education, sanitation, healthcare, and some other stuff). Remember, love makes the world go round, but it's glitter that makes it sparkle. 

Red glitter printed on a pink tee.

This t-shirt is special order, so please double check your size. Measure a t-shirt you own and compare it to the measurements in the chart below.

normal fit
Youth XS 19.21 in 12.99 in 5.00 in
Youth S 22.48 in 15.00 in 5.98 in
Youth M 23.98 in 15.98 in 6.22 in
Youth L 26.97 in 17.48 in 6.97 in
Youth XL 27.99 in 18.98 in 7.24 in


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