Kid's T-Shirt - Lions & Tigers & Bears - Charcoal


They say courage is the most important virtue, as without it you can't do anything else. We certainly need it to get through the scary bits of life. So, courage, kid, and if you wear this, you'll remind the rest of us to be brave too.

Silver glitter printed on a charcoal tee.

This t-shirt is special order, so please double check your size. Measure a t-shirt you own and compare it to the measurements in the chart below.

normal fit
Youth XS 19.21 in 12.99 in 5.00 in
Youth S 22.48 in 15.00 in 5.98 in
Youth M 23.98 in 15.98 in 6.22 in
Youth L 26.97 in 17.48 in 6.97 in
Youth XL 27.99 in 18.98 in 7.24 in


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